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Wood Furniture And Maintenance

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2016

(A) the material and classification of rattan furniture

Vines are pederasts, but images of Creepers, leaves top of thorny cane only 3 to 5 cm in diameter, while the whole plant can grow to a length of 200 meters. The growth of the area is very wide, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia has. Rattan is characterized by:

1, dense strong and lightweight and tough, strong, and easy to bending;

2 squeeze, not afraid, not afraid, supple and elastic;

3, strong regeneration ability, Ivy is a plant of rapid growth, general growth period of 5-7 years.

Rattan furniture with beautiful delicate colors, shapes, light structure, elegant appearance, hard and tough, natural advantages, and more for the veranda, Garden, tea room, study, living room, Office.

Vine materials can be divided into: big, young vines and processed rattan rattan.

Rattan furniture on the market is basically divided into the following categories:

Outdoor furniture: Garden, porch furnishings, such as small round table, armchair, Chair, there are swing-type sofa armchair;

Living room furniture: rattan furniture in the most perfect, the most stylish, a red rattan-core into the living room furniture, delicate, smooth, shape and color to plain, full of crafts;

Dining room furniture: five and seven-piece cane chairs, tables, novel, full of times;

Rattan small ornaments: rattan table lamp, chandelier, etc.

(B) how to shop for rattan furniture

1, select purchase a rattan furniture factory store. Due to the material and process of rattan furniture, rattan furniture manufacturers have chosen better texture of some major imported rattan, and high temperature sterilization processing, machines raw rattan into a certain length and weight specifications, by trained workers according to the designers and craftsmen designs made, molded and then spray for rattan furniture configuration advanced polyester oil.

2, after selecting the product, the customer to personally try to sit, shaking or excessive force is there crunching sound, inspect the furniture connection is solid.

(C) rattan furniture care and cleaning methods

1, out of direct sunlight to prevent CANY makings faded, dry.

2, do not make the contact and close to the source of fire, heat, not prolonged exposure in the Sun, or easily deformed, bent, cracked, loose or disengaged.

3, because the cane arranges the furniture surface hidden ash more and cleaner is a vacuum cleaner can be used again or outward with a soft brush to dust away, and then with a damp cloth to wipe it again, and finally can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

4, rattan in use for some time after the salt water supplies wipe CANY furniture available, decontamination, and the flexibility to maintain long-term popularity, and some crisp, pest-proof effect.

5, color rattan furniture renovating treatment methods: dry cleaning and sanding rattan furniture from vines, to smooth the epidermis removing stains and restore, then a layer of varnish to protect, that is brand new.