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Summer Decorating Guide: Rattan Furniture Summer Cool

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2016

In the South, many of us are no strangers to cane home furnishings, it's light and cool, with nature's natural style, bring people through the heart of cool, very suitable for summer use. However, the cane home furnishings rustic style furniture, leather sofa, modern furniture under attack were left out. Tide is turning. In the pursuit of returning to nature, advocating nature today, rattan furniture makeover, again came to the forefront of fashion. In the furniture market of Fuzhou, rattan furniture like a thriving, attracting more and more people's attention.

Fashion dress up

In several major furniture markets, saw the special area of rattan furniture, rattan furniture in addition to the usual rattan table and chairs, sofa, coffee table, but there were rattan bed, rattan wardrobe, dressers, shoe, rattan lamps, rich product line a lot.

Difference is that a cane to make furniture out of one single product image, modern rattan furniture from the choice of materials, process design, production is different from traditional memory of rattan, in addition to its practical, designers more emphasize its artistic quality. From selling rattan furniture on the market, most of which are endowed with tropical style of Southeast Asia, deep simplicity, elegance and leisure. Newly introduced to the market in the first half of the year a rattan dining chair back designed unique, no longer use fine rattan weave, but with thick rattan woven mesh, make Dining chairs in the sitting feels more comfortable, look more fashionable. In these two years, rattan furniture designers have given the rattan furniture unique Chinese flavor, some simple, woven of fine rattan furniture, elegant and unique to the market, by people of all ages. For example, rattan bed lines more compact, square bed with square bed, as well as supporting three group high rattan Cabinet, like a replica of modern furniture, but with rattan material makes a difference.

Rattan furniture has more color, pale yellow, white, green, Brown, and white-and-green, with a very pleasing. It is understood that during the 51, has just launched the ivory of calamus tetradactylus furniture because of its color, elegant noble concern. According to professional people introduced, vine business furniture in select Shi color of match also to note, dang space tones for dark Shi, purchase vine business furniture color to tendencies Brown and dark brown, cushion or table ornaments cloth of color should pick color similar but not too deep of color, as shallow Brown, and Brown; light home space, can select neutral color or other color of vine products, match color more spent pretty, and color bright of cushion or cloth ornaments.