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Rattan Furniture Had Become The Favourite Daily Maintenance To Know

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2016

Avoid direct sunlight

The ultraviolet rays in sunlight so that cane degeneration crisp, long exposure to Sun will make a white yellow rattan furniture, faded the reddish brown shiny red local rattan furniture, the expensive bamboo and rattan furniture is dry, loose and opening.

Therefore, in the spring, summer and autumn season is important to avoid direct sunlight. Use translucent white gauze curtains separated from direct sunlight, while protecting the rattan furniture also does not affect the indoor lighting.

Avoid sources of ignition and heat

In the North, winter heating radiator is the enemy of the rattan furniture. If rattan seats placed close to the radiator, about a month later find, close to the site of the canes have dry brittle hair, poor toughness, hard recovery; some parts of natural glue adhesion is teetering.

So, rattan products close to fire, heat, and if you want to put on the rattan table hot pots, casseroles and other foods very hot, be sure to remember to put insulation mats.

Maintain ventilation

Cross-section of the vine covered with fine catheter, rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of water. But if too much water is adsorbed, furniture will become soft and loose, flat down, easy to breed and knitted mesh mould.

Therefore, if you are in the South, especially in rainy season, rattan furniture and ventilation is especially important. In the sunny days, the best furniture cleaner to move to where there are drafts of "balloon", to avoid mould formation, are dry. Don't ask "dry", and place it to direct sunlight exposure, a tide dry contrast, canes fast deformation or fracture easily.

Avoid moisture and deformation

Rattan book placed on the shelf, it is best to follow the principles of weight, lighter in the middle on both sides, weight can be placed symmetrically around the book to prevent damp due to weight of the sagging deformation in the Middle bookcase.

Benefits of rattan furniture is that damp to dock it into the original shape after deformation after after you blow dry or dried, it will return to its original shape and size. So when the rattan furniture when damp down, try to lighten their load, subtly and evenly supported it, to keep the original woven shape to prevent deformation of clearance. If it's seat, can be separated under its vines into stool or bin, helping prop up vines, making it slow your dry without distortion.

Rattan furniture paint professional

All rattan furniture to dry and use sandpaper again, and then paint. Paint is best not DIY at home, rather than going to a special paint, spray with spray equipment. The benefit of this is to ensure that all corners and recesses are evenly coated, bump does not appear deeper pits white sign. Painting Qian to carefully identification paint in the polyurethane of content, some inferior paint for guarantee its fast dry sex, in ingredients in the joined too much of polyurethane, this paint Shang to vine business furniture surface not only has a layer glare of light, and will formed a layer plastic of surface, it is hard is crisp, may will hamper cane of natural breathing, and let all of bent parts appeared small crack.