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How To Clean Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 18, 2016

How to Clean Rattan Outdoor Furniture

You can significantly extend the life of synthetic rattan outdoor furniture by cleaning it correctly and at regular intervals. This will prevent dirt from building in the wicker weave and causing any damage.

All you need to get it clean and ready for summer is a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth.

Once washed, rinse down the furniture with cold water. You can use a garden hose, but do not use a pressure washer. They’re just too powerful and can easily damage the furniture.


And please do not clean your rattan furniture with any scouring or bleach based cleaners too. Multi-purpose cleaners are also a no no as they can lead to tiny cracks in the wicker weave that collect dirt and cause the furniture to discolour.

If your rattan garden furniture has been exposed to the elements for a good period of time, then it may require a little extra careful maintenance.

Exposure to sun, wind and rain will cause dirt to build up between the wicker weave. If you can’t effectively clean the surface with just washing-up liquid, then we would recommend the use of specialist plastic garden furniture cleaner.

Don’t neglect your rattan furniture, when it is necessary to remove ground in dirt and stains with a damp sponge or cloth, please do so immediately.

When necessary or at least every few months, its a also good idea to take a vacuum cleaner and hoover off your furniture to remove any loose dust and debris.

Make sure it is completely dry and if you have a brush attachment for the end of your hoover, then use it to get between the wicker weave, removing the loose dirt.