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Excellent Ideas For Decorating Your Terrace & Garden & Patio

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 12, 2016

Building a patio or terrace is a major undertaking. Sometimes gardening isn’t limited by space, but by time and interest. If you love the idea of being surrounded by a garden, but you can’t see yourself spending countless hours with a pruner in your hands, a wonderful option is to create a garden paradise on your patio or terrace. Take a look at our gallery and I’m sure you’ll find something interesting for your place!

With the arrival of summer and the pleasant climate, we feel like spending much time on our terrace to be relaxed as well as for meetings and meals with friends or family dinners. Therefore, the terrace is an outdoor space that we must make the most of summer to make it a lovely place to home. Pay attention to these suggestions on how to decorate your terrace in summer.


1. Decorating a summer terrace depend on the style you want to achieve in each case, the size of the space and place in which it is oriented. Then we will show different styles of outdoor decor that can inspire you to renew your deck. 

2. Mediterranean Terrace. This style is perfect for decorating the terrace of houses on the coast, as it brings a fresh and natural look for summer. Starting with the walls, they should be white to contrast with the blue color of textiles and other details. For furniture, we can use rattan furniture in white and decorate the couch or seat cushions in blue tones. The Mediterranean-style terraces must integrate seamlessly with nature, so it is advisable to place plants, pots and vases to decorate the space. 

3. Minimalist Terrace. Another great proposal to decorate the terrace in summer is to join minimalist fashion, a style of decor simple but very modern and sophisticated. Very few elements are needed, just straight and simple furniture lines and the use of light colors such as pure white or ivory. To give a more elegant touch, you can put some detail or accessory in dark colors like black or brown or mixed brown. 

4. Rustic Terrace. This style can be used to decorate the terraces in summer farmhouses or cottages. It is ideal for terrace integrates perfectly with the landscape. Notable sturdy rattan outdoor furniture with cushions and other dresses textiles in warm colors like orange and red, which can be combined with lighter tones like beige and creams to give more light to the space. Also become important decorative elements such as large planters, wild plants, vases, clay pots and any country subject. 

5. Zen Terrace Another option is to make your summer terrace is an excellent place to relax and enjoy quiet moments. To achieve this, we propose to create a chill out area on your terrace. The decor should be comfortable and functional, ideally incorporating low furniture like tables and low seats, puffs and even floor cushions. Awnings, tents and gazebos are elements that will help you create this style Zen on your balcony. The colors that work best are neutral, but you can also choose other more intense for a space somewhat exotic. 

6. Vintage Terrace. The vintage style decor can also reflect it on your terrace in summer. Need furniture typical of the 40s, for example rattan garden furniture or aluminum furniture. To add color, choose textiles with floral prints, flower vases and other details aged appearance recreate this style of decoration.