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Why the elderly are more suitable for Wicker Chair

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2016

The saying goes "home has an old, like having a treasure", there are elderly and can't wait to give them the best. But the elderly due to bodily functions, habits, preferences and so on, we consider good is not necessarily suitable for them. On like home buy has a good morning of bedding, but elderly with habits has they that era of cloth, regardless of this sets new of bedding has what advantages, are cannot change they stubborn of views; on like home buy has a good morning of cortex sofa, high-end atmosphere Shang grade, soft comfortable, let people to fairy to died, but elderly a sat up think soft to collapsed, moments think is terrible, bones by not this stuff toss, prefer sat small bench also anyway not willing to sat skin sofa.

You really have no way at all. However it's not really there is no way. For example, give them a Wicker Chair. You think about it, compared with sofas, cane supple and not soft, very flexible, the old man sitting in a Chair will not be exhausted because of the fall, without pressure to the bones. For elderly people, their bones have been aging in part on the joints is also more vulnerable, so to enable old people to sit on a Wicker Chair very much more comfortable. Cane and breathability is good for an old person, they might like to sit in a chair all day, and relatively speaking it will be very hot in the summer, they lie above mugginess breathable comfort. Believe sofas, they prefer to lie in a Wicker Chair on the shade.

Secondly, rattan vine is the material, purely natural materials will not cause harm to the human body, is a relatively green environmental protection product. No need to consider it as a sofa material and contain chemical substances harmful to the human body, cane so relative health and safety and peace of mind.