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Rattan Furniture Production Process

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

PE Rattan is a man-made synthetic material used for rattan outdoor furniture production. Comparing with natural wicker material, PE rattan is UV proof, water proof, maintenance free, insect-resistant and corrosion proof, which is more and more popularly used in the rattan furniture production. Wicker is not a material, but rather is a general term that is given to a group of natural or man-made materials that can be woven such as cane, rattan, willow, reed, rush, grasses, resins, vinyl, and splints among others. Wicker also pertains to the weaving process by which the materials mentioned above are then made into furniture. in summary, wickerwork is an ancient technique that is being utilized to manufacture furniture with the application of natural materials or man-made materials. 

The rattan pattern that is most commonly used makes the finished product firmer and sturdier than furniture produced using other production techniques. 

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Benefits of Rattan Furniture 

You may be wondering what makes rattan furniture the better furniture solution for your home. Here are the top qualities as well as advantages of choosing rattan furnishings:


Rattan furniture is relatively lightweight and easy to carry as well. The unique woven design makes furniture sturdy which in turn gives rattan furnishings the ability to accommodate people of all sizes and shapes.


Wicker furnishings are incredibly durable, especially those made from rattan. Furniture made from bamboo and reed feature strong and sturdy qualities too. Rattan furniture with aluminum frames are remarkably sturdy as well as those made from resin.

Classic and Flexible Design

Rattan furniture comes in a variety of colors namely brown, black, white, tan, and even olive green shades. Homeowners may even add cushions on top of rattan chairs to make them more stylish and adaptable to existing home design and style too. 

How is Rattan Furniture made? What is the process?

The process of weaving either natural or synthetic materials is ideally done by hand. Depending on the type and complexity of a given furniture project, a rattan furniture may be completed between 1 and 4 days. In essence, the tighter the weave, the more time is required to finish a project. It is also more costly to make furniture that features a tighter weave since you will need more materials to fill in the frame.

Rattan furniture manufacturing process:

1. Aluminum frame making, including aluminum cutting, bending, welding, polishing

2. Aluminum frame powder coating, environmentally friendly

3. Rattan weaving

4. Cushion making

5. Quanlity control

6. Packaging

The below chart shows the production flow of rattan furniture manufacturing. 

Production Flow.jpg