The outdoor area has long been cherished as a place to wine, dine and socialise. Whether you are sitting around a fire pit on a chilly winter’s night or inviting a few people over for a relaxing Sunday afternoon in the sun, the trend of outdoor living and entertaining is at its peak. Here’s a glimpse at some emerging trends and what’s being deemed in vogue for 2016.

The Look

The natural appeal of Rattan and Wicker is becoming increasingly popular. Advancements in technology have made these materials more durable than ever, meaning they will withstand the elements for many years to come. Combine this durability with sleek and elegant modern designs and you have a recipe for creating the perfect contemporary outdoor space for you and your guests.

From loungers to sofas, to chairs and dining tables – let rattan outdoor furniture set that relaxed Mediterranean feel for your outdoor area. Depending on the occasion, just add some colourful cushions here and there to spice it up or neutral colours to tone it down. Whatever the occasion, contemporary wicker furniture is extremely versatile.

The Flow

The seamless transition from indoor to outdoor isn’t a new concept, however it is definitely gaining traction and is becoming a hot topic for many homeowners in Australia. No matter where your location, inner city or outer suburbs, this trend doesn’t discriminate and is certainly something to consider for 2016.

To ensure a smooth flow think about the overall design of your home and how your outdoor area will complement it. Look into what colours work well together along with design themes and schemes that will provide a smooth and consistent progression from your indoor area to your outdoor space.

Mixed Material Designs

When considering that indoor / outdoor transition then it goes without saying that mordern rattan outdoor furniture made from a combination of materials will help make it a lot easier. 2016 will see a focus on mixed material furniture that enables contrast to promote a dynamic fusion between your indoor and outdoor entertaining space.

Popular combinations with furniture are wood and resin, wood and iron or stainless steel and teak. Natural materials like stone, wicker and wood are very popular at the moment and can be used to accompany vintage and eco type designs. This trend allows people to experiment and stray a little from exact matching styles to create a cohesive flow. As a result this trend is now well established amongst homeowners.

As trends come and go, outdoor living remains strong as we opt for relaxed and open space entertaining to escape the confinements of their four walls. Be sure to consider these trends when creating your next outdoor space.

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