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How to maintain rattan furniture

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2016

For a lot of people used sofas, rattan furniture is not a concept, but for people who love rattan furniture, Wicker Chair is really let people down, its high-end rustic, his natural environment are endearing. Chair with long dirty old or broken, and for those who love that Chair, throw it really not willing to give up, but not up to the State of perfection. Rattan furniture maintenance and repair became particularly important.

First of all for the daily maintenance of rattan furniture, to sit, nice Wicker Chair, buy back don't fetch it as a decoration. A lot of people because it's expensive or because it looks good or like to use, but for the cane is not the best, because good cane is often used to keep the vines toughness. Moreover, cane was more honest flavor of a Chair, often using cane has a lasting sense of vicissitudes.

Second, the rattan furniture in the use process, and to maintain their contact with fire and heat, of course, because cane vine plant, is relatively flammable products, while not suitable for prolonged exposure in the Sun, it is easy to let cane lost its original color and luster, but also easy to shorten the service life of the cane.

Third, rattan furniture has a lot of hollow places, these places more likely to accumulate dust and therefore more difficult to do daily cleaning place. Rattan vine generally have a layer of dust on the surface of paint, buy cane are well aware, the surface normal of the cane as long as can be kept clean with a damp cloth, but hollow place not so easy any more, so we can use a soft brush to clean.

Finally, new rattan furniture used is salt water over time to wipe, so that not only can remove some of the usual wash away stains, and be able to maintain the suppleness of the cane, making it more durable. The other hand, the salt water to the Wicker Chair plays some role, such as preventing the brittle vines to prevent moth invasion.

Finally, especially for families with children were more careful protection of the cane to avoid liver scratch to cane, like keys which are easily made my cane, vines but not so strong.

Of course, in the heart of rattan furniture cleaning and maintenance on the premise that, must get dependable quality assurance quality rattan, cohabitation of the Wicker Chair on the market right now is too much, how choose to rest assured that the cane is also a test for consumers. "Art furniture of vibration" can solve the troubles for you. Vibration cane art furniture is carefully selected boutique compiled from the vine, and hand-carved designs, style is better than no, diverse styles choose vibration arts also can according to customer demand for professional advice is given to make customers most satisfied with the cane.