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How to distinguish between types of wicker furniture

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2016

A lot of people have a soft spot for rattan furniture clocks, but many people do not know how to distinguish between rattan furniture categories. Rattan is divided into two major categories, one is a vine-like, a natural plant vines.

Rattan is a PE/PU or something, simply plastic, just like we drink mineral water bottles are made of these materials. Of these products are generally placed outdoors, we can also be referred to as the rattan furniture outdoor furniture. Rattan furniture is generally use metal frame + plastic rattan woven out of the finished product, so the Scouts.

Really is the CANY furniture made of natural rattan plants, plants vines exceptionally strong flexibility, can build a variety of rattan status changing art, is a kind of urban modern pursuit of low carbon choice; cane plants from nature, artistic, as in the boutique. Thanks to our South Sea rattan after improvement of the people from generation to generation, now upscale wicker furniture are the combination of solid wood frame, so more conservative firm, the beautiful carved wood accompanied by handmade rattan art has embraced, making cane furniture elegance and luxury. Also is there a way to quickly test plant vines and plastic rattan distinction is to take out a small piece of material, burn and plastic rattan will melt, and plant the vine will be carbonized ashes.

Plants of rattan furniture products, and there are several large categories, rattan sofas, rattan bed, leisure rattan chair, rattan dining tables and chairs, rattan hanging Chair rattan rocking chairs, leisure, and so on. The cane arranges the furniture can basically move the furniture throughout the hotel is configured, and the type is not a simple Chair. Many hotels, restaurants and other public places furniture, you will get a special differentiation to attract the customer's attention. Unique rattan furniture is the best choice