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History of wicker and rattan furniture

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2016

Outdoor furniture needs some higher quality materials, resistant to all weather, seems to be natural, and sturdy. Ideal for single materials is vine, vines are mostly being used to build an arts Wicker, wicker and rattan is a special material for indoor and outdoor furniture. Here, some information about the history of wicker and rattan. Most people believe that the wicker and rattan furniture is a Victorian invention, but in practice only became famous in the United Kingdom and the United States. This is one of the oldest methods around the production of furniture.

Wicker and rattan furniture

What is wicker and rattan? The material is usually cut into pieces, dried and soaked in water to make it flexible, it is woven into the basket. Although I don't really will be made from rattan wicker, it is usually because the Ivy is more powerful, there is a lot more durable than other types of fiber for the weaving of policy.

From basket weaving to furniture, first create a craft of basket weaving. Examples of furniture woven of the Reed, and can even be traced back to ancient Egypt of Pharaoh property: in particular, Tutankhamun, who was buried a couple of fine wicker furniture. The Romans they were inspired by Egypt discovery and dissemination methods across his empire.

Economic rise of wicker and rattan furniture, can also be attributed to the components necessary for real, it has been cheaper than other traditional ingredients. Promoting the idea of wicker and rattan furniture, exotic and interesting. The modernist movement, wicker and rattan furniture to become a more essential health and Interior, is the concept has a long history of inspiration, as a kind of health materials.

Modern day notable modern wicker furniture, organization and lavish Victorian design of materials, and can match almost any indoor or outdoor furniture.

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