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Durable Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 04, 2016

The Complete Guide To Synthetic Wicker Furniture

Wicker outdoor patio furniture has always been durable, but it was not until the arrival of synthetic wicker furniture that its aesthetics caught up with its brawn. Quality all-weather wicker furniture is impervious to the forces of both Mother Nature and your day to day use. In fact, it will not:

  • fade in the sun

  • become brittle and crack in the cold

  • blemish when splashed with red wine

  • rust

It accomplishes all this and still requires no maintenance. But how?

What is Synthetic Wicker Fiber?

Unlike traditional wicker furniture which is woven from abaca (palm) strands, modern outdoor wicker furniture is woven from new weather resistant synthetics that are far more durable than abaca. Make sure you know what type of synthetic is used to make your furniture, as not all synthetics perform alike, and some are also extremely toxic!

Please do not purchase any outdoor furniture made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Not only is PVC a less durable choice, but it emits toxic compounds during production and decomposition that are very harmful to the environment.

Be Green, Choose Polyethylene (PE)

As long as you know that the outdoor wicker furniture set that you are interested in is made from Polyethylene, then you do not have to purchase a brand name synthetic wicker fiber. 


How Long Does Synthetic Wicker Furniture Last?

Quality synthetic wicker furniture can resist fading and cracking for decades. When combined with quality outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella and other outdoor rated fabrics, synthetic wicker furniture will keep its color far longer than traditional outdoor furniture. It is truly amazing!

100% Prime Aluminum Frames

Avoid steel! When exposed to the elements steel will rust. Even if powder coated steel will rust because the powder coating will inevitably become scratched with use and expose the steel. Not only is rust ugly, but as steel rusts it expands and weakens.

Our competitors say that Aluminum does not rust, which is actually half-true. Aluminum will oxidize when exposed to the elements but you cannot see it like you can on steel or iron. Aluminum "rust" is the same color as regular aluminum so it will stay beautiful for decades. Furthermore, it does not expand and weaken like steel so you will never be faced with flimsy patio furniture again! Because of its non-corrosive properties, aluminum is also used to make important components in the automotive industry as well as in spacecrafts and rockets. For long lasting outdoor furniture, buy aluminum!

Outdoor Furniture Design

It's important to look at the way wicker furniture is designed as some synthetic wicker furniture can look cheap and very fake. Furniture weaved from perfectly smooth strands with no texture will be glossy and look unnatural. To solve this, some manufacturers will add multiple colors to each strand in attempt to make the strands look natural. However the best way to make synthetic wicker furniture look and feel natural is by combining natural colors in a single strand along with textured ridges. This way each strand has texture and dimension, each strand is unique, and with so many angles, each strand will pick up and reflect light naturally rather than have a glare like cheap plastic.