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Buy cane chairs need to know little tips

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2016

Most people when buying furniture, the first concern is the look of it, is the so-called "money can't buy love" to see their transfer will not want to look at other styles, of course, this is understandable. However, in addition to external and internal is also very important. Small below will give you a few small tips to buy cane:

Pay attention to cane material. Some Wicker Chair on the market manufacturers of shoddy, consumer fraud rattan material such as plastic bristled, then, you will need to pay attention to. Look furniture rattan on disconnect, if it is plastic and other products, it will break is in order, if this is the cane, the fracture was edgy tengsi will appear.

2, after you identify the real CANY qualitative, will identify quality vines. Toughness of high quality vine is very good, you can highlight a small section of regions from the back of the furniture, hand wring, vine that if it is good, it still was in good shape; on the contrary, if it is a poor-quality vines, you will easily break, but also falling.

3, in order to see the Wicker Chair to the work. Good cane work is very fine and can view them all from a simple pattern. When viewing, pay attention to cane weave between the gap, gap between good cane is more evenly distributed, while the poor quality of the day, big or small, and thickness of the cane are of different sizes, these need to be carefully distinguished.

4 and finally, see the robustness of its structure. Personally sitting in a Wicker Chair on the try the effect, see making rattle and shake the reaction, if any, then the cane structure are not strong enough, not long service life. At this point, even a favorite style, encountered such a situation also did it, and don't listen to the salesperson explained, is the so-called interpretation is to cover up, and many words are not his own experience.