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Bamboo, rattan, wicker furniture industry

Solar Collection Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2016

Bamboo, rattan, willow, woven natural fiber craft furniture supplies is a traditional handicraft with a long history, and early human culture and art in the history of one of the oldest art, has been more than 7,000 years of history. In modern development more increasingly perfect, and modern furniture of process technology and modern material combined in with, bamboo, and vine, and wicker furniture also increasingly became environmental green furniture of model, has styling lightweight and and unique material texture woven texture of natural beauty, for other material furniture by no of special quality, still by global consumers of love, especially caters to has modern social "returned Park simplicity" returned to nature of international trend, has broad of market. Chinese bamboo, rattan and wicker furniture for the low-end product, because of its good value for money, as well as the new darling of ordinary consumers.

2, bamboo, rattan and wicker furniture industry development prospect

Rattan-effect is one of a kind, was an important non-wood forest products. Bamboo, rattan and wicker furniture has a great market potential, market price is high also caters to. Headquartered in predicting Beijing International bamboo and rattan, bamboo, rattan and wicker furniture has increasingly become a model for environmentally-friendly green furniture, in the global market, its yield and output value is considerable, output value reached 2.3 billion ~25 billion dollars.

At present, bamboo, rattan and wicker furniture export price hike in raw materials, appreciation of RMB and export tax cut and a series of challenges, in a difficult way. The good news is that, with the adjustment of exports structure, in decline, while average price has greatly increased.

Chinese bamboo, rattan, wicker furniture industry is in the second paragraph of the life cycle that is growing. The industry has experienced over the past decade the first high-speed development period, which is mainly based on quantitative expansion, had established a wide range of complete industrial system in line with international standards, the product can meet the economic development and people's needs and the needs of international markets. 5-10 years in the future, in China's rapid economic development, people's living standard improved steadily and international market demand, international furniture industry transformation under the background of China ushered in a second period of rapid development in the furniture industry. Not primarily in the quantitative expansion during this period, but the quality of it. Use high technology to transform traditional industries, changing the growth mode, improve product quality, achieving the second leap, basic furniture production from country to country across the goal.